Living room speaker

Live 1

Live-1 BT5.0 wireless | wired

Wooden pilot hole for a perfect stereo sound. Sounds pleasant, looks nice, and is easy to use.

"Labyrinth-oriented" acoustics

The sound is clean and realistic, giving you an immersive theater experience.

Runway-type speaker

Runway-type loudspeaker, the unique way of voicing makes the sound more full and ethereal. Flagship products, give you more professional auditory enjoyment.

DSP digital sound

Better sound quality comes from more professional audio chip.

Sound optimized for each scene

With theater/music/news, three different sound modes can be adjusted freely according to personal preference, showing every detail.

Touch the sound

Direct contact touch screen makes Live-1 appearance more beautiful and easier to use.

Just start "listening" 

Simpler remote control, all functions can be one key direct, easy to operate.

BT5.0 Ready

High-speed bluetooth 5.0 can be easily connected to phones, tablets and TVS without an Internet connection.


Live-1 supports HDMI ARC connections with aboundant interfaces, including coaxial, optical fiber, USB, 3.5mm.

Premium design

Exquisite workmanship, the metal body with wood decorative strip design. The luster of metal and the freshness of nature bring you another elegant enjoyment.


Brand: METZ
Model: Live-1
Speaker: Runway full frequency 44*66mmx4
Signal to Noise Ratio: ≥75db(A)
Interface: coaxial, optical, 3.5mm, USB, HDMI ARC
Input Power: 100V-240v 50/60HZ
Power: 40W
Resolution: ≥45db
Frequency Response Range: 60Hz-18KHz
Size: L900*W98*H60mm
Weight: 3.3KG