SKYWORTH and Metz at CES 2019

Metz as a core component of SKYWORTH's brand strategy

Zirndorf, 25.01.2019

Metz parent company SKYWORTH staged a global media launch at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA. Alongside new TV models with outstanding technology, SKYWORTH presented its global brand strategy at the show, with Metz as its core component. 

SKYWORTH’S week at CES can be summed up as follows: a total of seven new TV models, four awards and a new global brand strategy. Parent company of Metz and one of the TV sector’s biggest global players, SKYWORTH presented its new brand strategy entitled “Leading the World, Together” at CES. The new strategy aims to position the company as a global, intelligent hardware manufacturer and system provider. 

As a company involved in Germany’s high-end consumer electronics sector, Metz plays a fundamental role in the expansion of SKYWORTH’s global brand strategy. The already successful implementation of a two-brand strategy, with Metz Clas-sic in the premium market and METZ blue in the mid-range segment, is a central component of SKYWORTH’s global brand strategy, which also aims to position the SKYWORTH and Coocaa brands globally. The specific positioning of each brand and deployed product range will be aligned to each individual country.  

After the successful market launch of METZ blue in Europe, Hong Kong and India, further milestones will follow in order to strategically pursue this internationali-sation strategy for Metz within the SKYWORTH Group. To this end, the site in Zirndorf, Germany, will be immensely strengthened through manufacturing facil-ities within the Group: not only in its function as European research and devel-opment centre and its responsibility for SKYWORTH’s entire European business, but also as a core element of SKYWORTH’s brand strategy.

SKYWORTH has branches or partners in almost 20 countries and regions in order to market its products in more than 100 countries.

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Alongside seven new TV models, SKYWORTH presented its global brand strategy during the global media launch.

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