Warranty conditions

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1. The following conditions are only valid for private use.

2. The warranty period - 24 months - begins with the date of purchase or the date of delivery of the device to the buyer (end user).

3. Warranty claims that arise as a result of a proven fabrication or material defect, can be asserted only by proof of the purchase date by presenting the machined purchase receipt and the product data.

4. Improper treatment and interventions by the buyer or third parties exclude the warranty obligations and all other claims. Furthermore, the warranty does not cover damage or errors caused by failure to observe the installation or operating instructions, mechanical damage, damage caused by tobacco smoke or other external influences, leaking batteries or force majeure, water, lightning etc. In addition, natural wear and tear, consumption, excessive use, damage caused by operation outside the published limits and other defects not due to manufacturing defects are excluded from the warranty.

5. Liability, in particular for damages that are not incurred on the device itself, is excluded. This does not apply insofar as liability is mandatory in the case of intent or gross negligence. Warranty does not extend the warranty period, nor does a new warranty period exist for the repaired or replaced parts.

6. These warranty conditions do not affect the warranty claims of the buyer against the seller.