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METZ blue


With a picture that will take your viewing habits to a new level. With a sound that gets under your skin. And with smart entertainment that opens up a limitless range of programmes, tailor-made for you.


For all those who want more: an impressive balance of design, technology, convenience and the best price. Make television your own experience with METZ blue: thanks to a combination of 85 years of technological experience and the innovation of a global player in the TV business, METZ blue offers high-quality smart TV solutions with the aim of making state-of-the-art screen technology available to everyone. 

METZ blue – a German brand. 


Just see what you want to see: pure black, pixel-precise resolution thanks to the latest OLED technology (dependent upon model) – for maximum contrasts that make colours radiantly vivid. Sharpen your sight. UHD and HDR give you new levels of detail: up to four times’ finer colour gradations with up to four times’ higher resolution. Watching TV can really be this breathtaking.


Flat design, spatial sound: The built-in soundbars will take you right to the heart of the action and ensure an impressively clear sound. Enjoy the big screen experience in your own home: our models with their 2-way bass reflex systems (dependent upon model) provide sonorous tones that fill the room – and get under your skin. Dolby Audio™ and DTS Studio Sound® (dependent upon model) make the 3D auditory experience perfect.


Experience more than just television with METZ blue. Streaming, online games, apps and much more. Share your Spotify playlists, subscribe to YouTube channels, transfer content from your PC and smartphone or control your washing machine. Simply with voice control. METZ blue Android TV™ / Google TV™ (dependent upon model) with built-in Google Assistant gives you access to all your apps and compatible smart home devices. METZ blue menus shine with a smart design, too: fast, clear and intuitive. With personalised recommendations in the Google Play Store, on YouTube and in your apps – for your very own personal programme.


LED televisions use LEDs for backlighting instead of fluorescent tubes. The advantages include improved reaction time and colour rendering, less electricity consumption and a flatter build.

A four times more sharper picture than Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels): instead of 2 million pixels, UHD screens offer a resolution of approximately 8 million pixels (3840 x 2160 pixels).

Dolby Atmos is transmitted by the TV to compatible external surround speakers. Dolby Atmos brings height into play for the first time: in addition to the usual surround effect listeners have enjoyed until now, sound can now also come from above. This enables the realistic simulation of e.g. rainfall or helicopters.

Experience a virtual surround experience without the need for additional surround speakers.

Connect your television to your home network. Whether with LAN or wirelessly via WiFi.

Connect DVD players, Blu-ray players and games consoles directly to your television and watch videos in the highest quality.

Direct LEDs can be arranged across the entire rear of the screen for backlighting. You benefit from a more consistent image, greater contrast and better black levels. This provides good brightness and balanced illumination.

Experience high-resolution images with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

The best current HDR process with 12-bit colour depth and dynamic metadata. Contrast and colour saturation are continuously adjusted using dynamic metadata – image for image.

Receive digital television via cable (C), antenna (T) or satellite (S). The second generation provides you with a greater choice of programmes in even higher quality.

Record programmes using your television’s USB connection.

Watching content from compatible apps is child’s play when you connect your PC, Tablet or smartphone directly to your METZ blue Android TV to view images, videos and games. At the simple push of a button.

OLED displays have no backlighting and provide maximum contrast with true black and luminous colours. They also offer up to 1000 times faster reaction times compared to LED displays.

See every detail – even in particularly bright or dark image areas. “High Dynamic Range” images are more natural and vivid. 10-bit colour depth produces one to four times finer gradations, thus providing particularly detailed colour transitions.

Sound quality is optimised by means of sophisticated sound enhancement technology, volume correction and surround sound simulation.

Watch DVB pay services using your common interface.

Watch programmes that you’ve recorded using your television’s USB connection on time delay.

Access the menus, apps and weather forecast using Google Assistant. Or control compatible smart home devices. Simply by using the integrated voice control and saying “Hey Google”.