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TV experience

Smart television – tailor-made for you.

Equipped with fascinating picture and sound technology, television is now an experience for the senses – thanks to breathtaking contrast, brilliant colours and razor-sharp detail. Smart functions enable you to access content. Thanks to integrated apps and access to Google Play Store, your METZ blue TV offers you enormous diversity.  Whether blockbuster movies or Netflix series, live sport or games: METZ blue Android TVs always provide the right content – tailor-made for you. METZ blue TV solutions can be customised to suit your preferences and wishes. Factory-integrated Chromecast means that content from Android or iOS devices can be mirrored. And integrated voice command will allow you to access your desired content even quicker.

Deepest black – stunning contrast.



OLED technology provides unprecedented blacks: OLED panels deploy 33 million subpixels, each of which is selectable and disconnectable. Dark image areas can be turned off with pixel-precise accuracy in order to display real black. And darkest black thus brings breathtakingly brilliant colours, crisp contrast and excellent detail to the screen – and all this at ultra-fast reaction times: OLED screens react more quickly and more fluidly than ever before.

Explosive colours.



HDR (High Dynamic Range) pictures can depict more brightness gradations than the previous standard. This means a fuller colour palette with even richer, brighter colours. A 10-bit colour depth with up to four times finer gradation ensures smooth transitions and bright and natural colour rendering.

Sharpen your senses.



UHD stands for Ultra High Definition and offers a resolution that is four times higher than standard Full HD. Thus, UHD content comes in much more detail with approximately 8.3 million pixels as opposed to Full HD’s 2.1 million. This means that even when viewed from a short distance, picture quality remains surprisingly vivid and authentic.